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11 January 2001

The enclosed article, A PRIMER ON THE GAGS' OZARKS BIOREGIONAL WAR PLAN, was first published in southern Missouri newspapers early in 1996.

With the activity of The Nature Conservancy presently going on in southern Missouri, particularly in Douglas County, now is an appropriate time to reprint the article to remind readers of the long-term plan to place Ozarks land under control of environmetalists, government, and internationalists.

Ask yourself, how much of what the article discussed in 1996 has already happened during the Clinton/Gore Administration and earlier, and what part of the 50-year plan is now underway in southern Missouri. The answer is, a whole lot, although it's mostly happening a little at a time and generally not noticed. Although the article addresses activity in the Missouri Ozarks, the message applies everywhere.

Feel free to reprint this article and distribute the article through other means such as handouts at meetings.

It's not only freedom that is bought by eternal vigilance. It's also continued productive use of your land, by you, as you see fit.







(first published 10 january 1996)



Green advocacy Groups (GAGs) define a BIOREGION as a CORE WILDERNESS area which may occupy hundreds of square miles or more and in which no humans are permitted to live, surrounded by a BUFFER ZONE which may be tens of miles wide where a few humans may be allowed to live and do permitted work, and usually further surrounded by an outer ZONE OF COOPERATION several miles wide where many people may live and in which severe restrictions limit the kinds of work that may be done to earn one's living. Adjacent Core Areas are connected by CORRIDORS many miles wide and as long as necessary to allow migration of animals from one Core Area to another without encountering humans.

Designated OZARKS CORE WILDERNESS probably will include the entire range of the Ozarks Mountains from central and northern Arkansas all the way north to central Missouri.

A BIOREGIONAL COUNCIL, under federal/GAG management, will control all land and resources. If you live in a Buffer Zone or Zone Of Cooperation, then before you may raise cattle or plant a crop or harvest timber or repair your house or do anything else, even on land that you "own" and pay taxes on, you first must get permission from the Bioregional Council.

The Ozarks are now under GAG attack, but the Bioregion itself is not yet defined nor the Bioregional Council appointed. At this time it is impossible to say exactly which areas will be designated as Wilderness, Corridors or Buffer Zones and where GAGs will and won't allow humans to live.

Within the next five years (by 2001) you can fully expect to see ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT planning activity going on in Ozarks counties. The BIOREGIONAL PLAN is likely to be in full operation and moving people out of the Ozarks within 10 to 15 years (by 2006 to 2011). The Ozarks are a fairly high GAG priority and relatively pristine. GAGs want to preserve as much as possible and prevent development. The NATURAL STREAMS ACT failed. A second effort is now beginning.

Watch for US DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR'S ECOSYSTEM COORDINATING GROUP to begin MULTIMEDIA ENFORCEMENT on high-priority land. TWENTY ONE PARTICIPATING FEDERAL AGENCIES will descend on your farm looking for violations of any law or regulation and will begin active and immediate enforcement against all owners of all land they want to take.

A GAG will create a proposal to SAVE THE OZARKS by designating a GREEN LINE BUFFER ZONE around the Ozarks. As GAGs have done in New York, Maine and many other places, Ozarks GAGs will publish a little brochure with beautiful pictures of scenery and animals. The GAG brochure promises better recreation, improved economies, controlled tourism and a better life for all, if only we citizens will wrap a protective buffer zone around our Ozarks homeland and designate everything inside as a PARK, RESERVE or GAME REFUGE.

The brochure has a mail-in card that says "WOULD YOU LIKE THIS BEAUTIFUL THING TO HAPPEN? PLEASE RETURN THIS CARD WITH $25 TO HELP US SAVE THE OZARKS." Then the GAG develops a legislative proposal to create a PARK which covers several counties and crosses state lines if possible. Returned cards prove that "People want to create and expand this park." STAKEHOLDERS then create a PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP GOVERNING COUNCIL to manage the park because the park exceeds a single County's (and State's and Nation's if possible) jurisdiction.

The Council takes control of Park land away from mayors, city councils, county commissioners and state legislators and begins RESTRICTING THE KINDS OF WORK permitted in the designated

Park and Buffer Zone so that PEOPLE LOSE THEIR LIVELIHOOD and are driven from their land. This is the initial step toward creation of a BIOREGIONAL COUNCIL that will govern land use within the entire Bioregion. Eventually the entire world will be designated as BIOREGIONS, much as it is now designated as Oceans, Nations, States and Counties.

Final designation of the Ozarks, or perhaps just parts of the Ozarks such as the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers, as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE and BIOSPHERE RESERVE, and ultimately a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve "IN DANGER," will remove control of the Ozarks from even the US Government and place the land under control of UNITED NATIONS WORLD GOVERNMENT.

If your land is in an area that GAGs really want they will first try to buy it. If you won't sell they will offer a deal, such as -- here's cash now and all we want is a CONSERVATION EASEMENT. Or they won't buy your home, just your RIGHT TO DEVELOP your land. Or they may say that if you DONATE YOUR LAND TO A CONSERVANCY you may live in your home for the rest of your life and take an immediate tax deduction. If none of this works, GAGs may CONDEMN YOUR LAND and make you leave.

GAGs will begin a flurry of designating HERITAGE SITES and NATURAL NATIONAL LANDMARKS. An old church or farm house and its surrounding area may be designated as a CULTURAL SITE which will prevent the owner from altering, selling or doing anything with the property. That is the purpose of HERITAGE CORRIDOR studies now underway. The GAGs' objective is to designate everything that they possibly can to prevent any modification of the landscape. Not only is the site protected, but everything within the VIEWSHED of that site is protected.

The ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT PLAN will bring together the results of Heritage Group studies, Fish & Wildlife group studies and all other studies of the various environmental organizations, and then develop a MASTER PLAN. A PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP of GAG organizations and institutions within the ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT AREA will be created to implement the Master Plan.

The Master Plan will call for PROTECTING and RESTORING wetlands and wilderness areas. You need to be very careful about those terms PROTECTING and RESTORING. When GAGs say to RESTORE an area they don't just mean clean it up and stop pollution. GAGs mean restoring and rehabilitating the land for the benefit of wildlife all the way back to the condition of the land PRIOR TO THE INTRUSION OF MAN. This is explained quite explicitly in the UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY ASSESSMENT, which is the foundation document underlying this gigantic, world-wide land-grab. To RESTORE your land you must move out. Quit farming. Get cattle off pastures. Stop all resource use. That's how GAGs expect you to do it. Wherever you see RESTORATION AREAS on Management Plan maps, those are areas where people will be strongly encouraged to move away.

Complete depopulation and conversion of the Ozarks into full Bioregion status will take 50 to 100 years. GAGs expect it will take two to three decades to make a significant dent.

GAGs and government officials won't start pressuring people to move our right away. They won't just drive up to your home one day and say "We want your land. You gotta leave." But when you see meetings announced, workshops, or discussion about Ecosystem Management in your county then you and all your neighbors must attend those meetings and probe for the real agenda. Remember, "The world is run by those who show up." Also remember, you can "Just say NO!" to GAG proposals. They can't rule you until you let them take over local government.

Local officials may be well-meaning but uninformed. They may be sold on the GAG environmental program and eager to go along with it. It is important that you know your local officials and educate them on the GAG agenda, particularly the national and United Nations environmental agenda that few people know is going on. If your local officials support GAG programs, seriously consider replacing them.

Likewise Congress. Get their attention. Fifty to sixty House members are now fully aware and alarmed at the takeover of America by GAG radicals and another 50 are becoming aware. But there are at least as many in Congress who know what is going on and want it to go on, who are actually helping this process along. People like Al Gore in particular, who was largely responsible for much of this when he was a Senator and more so now that he is Vice President.

GAG takeover of America is unconstitutional and illegal and is happening without Congressional law authorizing Fish & Wildlife Service or Department of the Interior to do these things. This is all done by administrative policy, not valid legislation. Most congressmen have no clue as to what's going on let alone what the ultimate objective is.

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By: William Jud
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