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In a very real way the World Trade Center disaster marks a loss of innocence for the United States.

Most Americans have always thought of our land as a safe haven of sorts. Up to now we have been spared the type of carnage that is so common in the far away places that are only names and pictures on the network news to most of us.

Fellow Americans, welcome to the global scene.

Do we need to accept this tragedy as a taste of an unavoidable future? The answer is "Yes", but only if we continue on the road we now travel. If we continue our open door policy to anyone from anywhere with any type of ideology, then we can expect more of the same.

If, on the other hand, we protect our culture from infiltration by Godless people with no regard for the lives and rights of others, then we will enjoy some insulation from the sort of evil perpetrated on our fellow Americans in New York and at the Pentagon.

By: Ron Calzone
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